Laser Therapy

Speed Healing and Manage Pain with Laser Therapy

*Dr. Margaret Ohlinger uses laser therapy on Waylon Jennings, who suffers from arthritis and degenerative disc disease.

Laser therapy may sound futuristic, but this well-established technique for pain relief and injury rehabilitation has been used to treat humans for decades. Now, laser therapy has gone to the dogs. Safe and effective, a laser is a beam of light traveling at a frequency that allows it to generate gentle heat and penetrate tissue, reducing pain, increasing blood flow, decreasing inflammation, and promoting healing. Laser therapy is a great option for any animal and can be used to treat arthritis, spinal disc problems, sprains, strains, and acute and chronic injuries. It is an ideal treatment to speed healing during post-surgery rehabilitation. 

During treatments, pet generally relax and enjoy an almost immediate relief of pain. Some dogs have been known to fall asleep, while cats sometimes purr. The procedure is non-intrusive and fur is not clipped. Eye protection for everyone in the room -- including your pet -- is mandatory, making for the perfect photo op. During the therapy session, Dr. Margaret will move the probe over the areas of treatment to assure that the laser is thoroughly dispersed. Typically, effective laser therapy requires multiple treatments.

Lakeside Veterinary Services offers discounted packages of multiple sessions. Please ask about our laser therapy specials.

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