about our veterinary practice  Montour Falls, NY

Keeping Your Pets on the Path to Wellness
At Lakeside Veterinary Services, we follow one simple rule: We provide exceptional veterinary care and friendly customer service. This approach earns us loyal clients and enables us to follow our hearts each and every day.

Team Commitment
Our team educates our clients on how to keep their pets happy and healthy with proper medical and preventative care, good nutrition, and exercise. We treat our patients with loving care at every check-up and through every procedure.

Emergency Services
Our emergency services run from 6am to 10pm via our 24-hour phone number.

We are a Green Sensitive Business
Lakeside Veterinary Services is a 21st century business. We use clean energy and reduce our waste:  70% of our electric usage is offset with our rooftop solar array, and we recycle a large portion of our received packaging (#04 plastic, #06 Styrofoam, cardboard and paper).